An old friend

Almost exactly three years ago, I saw my first Blackcap. It is a common species in spring and in summer, but a rare sight in winter. It is of course because their diet, that mainly conatins insects. This means that in winter, they all are supposed to be in southern Europe or northern Africa, where most of the Blackcaps are spending the winter.
But for some reason, a few migrants choose not to leave. Robin, Starling, Wren, Blackcap, these are some of the species that are supposed to migrate, but some individuals stayed here in middle Sweden. They are mostly alone, but some are found in pairs.
Today, almost exactly three years after my first Blackcap, I saw an other wintering male. Funny thing is, it was sitting in the very same bush :)
It is fed with pieces of banana, which it seems to like. I hope it stays and survives, so I can try taking some better pictures. This was taken trough a window.

Today's bird:
Blackcap - Svarthätta – Barátposzáta (Sylvia atricapilla)

 The one from 2009:
Blackcap - Svarthätta – Barátposzáta (Sylvia atricapilla)

As the pictures show, both my photographic techniques and my equipment has evolved a lot since then.

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  1. Fin bild tagen genom rutan! Konstigt det här med att dom stannar kvar i Sverige i vinter, har även vid mig fåglar som rödhake.. Kanske är den ovanligt till början varma vintern, har lagt ut lite krossad talg iaf.

    Intressant läsning! ;)