I wanted to see a Pallid Harrier today. I have never seen it before, and it's kind of a rare bird around here... But there was an adult male seen just outside Västerås yesterday and the day before that.

The weather was bad, but If the Harrier had been there, it would have been worth it. Unfortunately it was not...

Some other birds anyways:
Peregrine Falcon - Pilgrimsfalk – Vándorsólyom (Falco peregrinus)
 The Peregrine was still in town. The other pictures were taken around Tillberga.
Crane – Trana - Daru (grus grus)

Kestrel - Tornfalk - Vörös vércse (Falco tinnunculus)

Roe Deer - Rådjur - Európai őz (Capreolus capreolus)

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  1. Tornfalksbilden är grymt vacker! Bra komp, gillar dessutom de naturliga färgerna, regnet och huset...
    // Sander