Precious Bluethroats

I was about to write a lot this time, but I forgot all the things i wanted to write about.... but anyways, I saw at least 6 Bluethroats in the afternoon. I managed to get very close this time, mainly becouse I was standing between them and the strong afternoon sun.

Bluethroat – Blåhake – Kékbegy (Luscinia svecica)

Bluethroat – Blåhake – Kékbegy (Luscinia svecica)
There are two special things about the second picture:
1. It was sitting very close, the picture is barely cropped!
2. I had to use manual focus, becouse the bird was sitting so deep in the vegetation. This is the first time I had to use manual focus since I visited the Great Gray Owl (but I used a tripod that time) in May.

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